Hi there!

My name is Fritz

I've lived in Kansas City my whole life. Maybe if you don't live there we haven't met yet. But if you do, then we must have, and it's good to see you again. 

Music has always been the language and activity that makes the most sense to me, so I figured it makes the most sense to throw myself into that. And look, I have a website now!

I spent most of the last ten years playing drums or guitar or whatever in a bunch of bands including She's a Keeper, the Grand Marquis, and Metatone. I'm still bopping around with Fullbloods, Jametatone's Blastocyst, and my own merry band of badasses.


(photos by Alison Hawkins and Anna Tran)

Searching for rock and roll in the spaces between the fiddles of the Ozarks and the brass of New Orleans, I wrote and recorded my first solo album, WIde Wild Acres. Eight songs dressed up like Bruce Springsteen and Carol King's little hillbilly baby boy. 

Joel Nanos produced and recorded the majority of the record at Element Studios, with Ross Brown helping to round things out at Escape Pod Audio. They and the gang at Center Cut Records convinced me it was something worth sharing, and I'm very grateful for that. You can visit Center Cut's website by pushing that there button below. Go get a CD or Vinyl copy of the record and see what else they're cooking up with our pals Calvin Arsenia and the Black Creatures!