It's the kind of album that will make you want to lounge in a hammock all day or ride a horse across the country or just drop everything and howl at the moon—it sounds like that kind of freedom.”

Pop Dust

[Cold Comfort] The perfect track to guide us into the cold winter months ahead”

Gig Soup

A fine pop record with a casual character, made according to the do it yourself principle”


Fritz Hutchison shares a new video for “Fortunate Flaws”, that Earmilk described as “a folk-rock anthem about the tricks of time and coping with nostalgia.””

Grateful Web

Hutchison’s jazz roots ooze out in “Powder Blue,” a two-fold tale on the awkwardness of young love.”


‘Fortunate Flaws’ sounds like a lost Wilco gem viewed through a faded CCR filter. It’s built on the back of Hutchison’s gloriously lazy and ragged soulful voice that pushes and pulls at the edges of his range with wonderfully melodic results as the guitar carves out some excellent fretboard sounds.”


After dull and dreary winters, feeling the sun on our face and the wind on our thighs seems like a far away dream. However, once you begin to feel the sun’s warmth and notice the dandelions beginning to grow, that dream becomes the sweetest of realities. That is how I felt listening to “Wide Wild Acres””


Multi-instrumentalist Fritz Hutchison has spent several years behind a drum kit, but now he's stepping to the front of the stage with Wide Wild Acres, his debut album of original songs.”


...tight, affable hook shows a self-assured pop songwriter with an ear for playful melodies and tight rhythms. ”


Multi-Instrumentalist Fritz Hutchison Details the Songs on His Debut Record, ‘Wide Wild Acres’”

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